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Testimonials from NSP program participants:

"The support NSP has provided through the years has been vital to the success of our organization."

"NSP programs have truly made a difference in how I lead my organization, and have helped me make strategic improvements in our operation and fundraising." 

"NSP provides excellent workshops and training programs that are worth the time commitment." 

"The Strategic Online Communications workshop was the single most useful learning experience I've had in 30 years of nonprofit work. I'll be spending the next year or two implementing everything I got out of this event." 

"The Fundraising Training Program was terrific and re-envisioned ideas about fundraising in new and completely sensible ways - it will have a lasting effect on our organization for a long time to come." 

"The Technical Assistance Grants Program planning process brought discipline and professionalization to our organization as we evolved from the first stage in our organizational life cycle to the next stage." 

"The Strategic Technology Program helped us think about our business today and 5 years from now." 

"Having new Board members participate in the Board Leadership Program has been a very valuable learning experience for them as individuals, while ensuring that the entire Board is in sync with sound governance practices." 

"The Executive Transition Grants process challenged us, a volunteer Board of Directors, to think hard about the mission of the organization and how the transition process could advance that mission." 

"Whether you have been doing HR for 1, 5 or 20 years, there is something new you will learn at these trainings!" 

"NSP's workshops are a safe environment to open up and share things I would not share with others." 

"One of the best things about NSP sessions is the opportunity to connect with colleagues in the field." 

"We received timely, specific and helpful support. We recommend NSP all the time!" 

"What NSP does is truly exceptional and invaluable to the nonprofit community."