High-performing boards have engaged members, understand their roles and responsibilities, are effective ambassadors, and reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. A strong board can be a true asset to a nonprofit, especially when provided training and support.

The resources below can begin to help your nonprofit develop a board that powerfully advances your mission.

NSP Resources

  • Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs) for Board Development allow you to hire a consultant to strengthen your board’s functioning.
  • Board Leadership Program combines workshops for agency teams and individualized consultation to help strengthen your board’s effectiveness and performance
  • Organizational Assessments allow board and staff leaders of established organizations to work with a skilled consultant to review key governance and management functions, identify priorities, and build consensus on next steps.

Other Resources

  • Leaders on Board by Leadership Greater Hartford matches nonprofits with individuals interested in serving on boards.
  • BoardSource is the national center and leading resource on nonprofit boards.

  • Blue Avocado publishes useful articles on board and other nonprofit issues.

  • Pro Bono Partnership provides non-litigation, no/low-cost legal services to nonprofits in Connecticut.

  • CompassPoint has assembled resources for nonprofits, including in the area of Boards.

  • National Council of Nonprofits produces a range of tools and resources, including in the area of Boards.