Sound plans are a key component of organizational effectiveness. Planning can help your nonprofit prioritize and deploy limited resources, align board and staff, engage stakeholders, and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

If your nonprofit is anticipating change or starting a planning process, an Organizational Assessment can offer an excellent starting point.

NSP Resources

  • Organizational Assessments enable board and staff leaders of established organizations to work with a skilled consultant to review key governance and management functions, identify priorities, and build consensus on next steps.
  • Discovery Sessions enable smaller or all-volunteer organizations to work with a skilled consultant to focus on one or two key areas that will help the organization move forward.
  • Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs) can help with organization-wide planning in the areas of strategic planning, collaborations and mergers, boards, fund development, marketing, human resources, and more.

Free Self-Assessment Tools

These resources can help your organization conduct an effective assessment either with a consultant or on your own.

Other Resources