Selecting the CEO is one of the most important decisions a board makes. Many boards have little experience with executive transitions and require support to conduct a thoughtful process. That’s why NSP partners with experienced transition consultants to help guide your board and staff.

By facilitating a carefully designed and managed change process, your organization can leverage this unique opportunity to step back, reflect on your mission, and think creatively and critically about your future leadership needs.


Executive Transition Grants are available to help pay for a trained and experienced consultant to work with the board throughout the transition process. These grants may also be used to identify a seasoned Interim Executive Director/CEO. These grants may be applied for at any time.

The Executive Transition Process 

Together with an experienced transition consultant, your board and transition team will develop a thoughtful plan and search for a strong leader. During the process, you will:

  • Assess your organization’s strengths, capacity, critical needs and current and future goals
  • Create a plan for the entire transition process, including assembling a transition team and outlining a clear set of action steps
  • Ensure that the board and staff are in alignment as the process begins
  • Create a communications plan to communicate with stakeholders throughout the transition process
  • Develop a clear position profile that accurately describes the current status, challenges and opportunities, and plans of your organization
  • Conduct a deep and broad search of a diverse candidate pool to deliver a strong group of candidates
  • Develop an onboarding plan, performance objectives and an evaluation plan for the new executive director/CEO

Your new CEO may also receive executive coaching to ensure that appropriate support mechanisms are in place to ease the transition.

Bringing on an Interim Executive Director/CEO 

An Interim Executive Director/CEO provides day-to-day administrative leadership while the search for a new leader is underway. As a seasoned nonprofit administrator, the Interim Executive Director/CEO can bring objectivity and a fresh perspective to your organization, and can undertake short term changes that need to be made. This person can help ease the passage of the previous executive director/CEO while preparing the staff for new leadership.

Please note that a grant from NSP will cover the identification of an Interim Executive Director/CEO, but the organization is responsible for paying their salary.

Grant Eligibility and Award Ranges 

Executive Transition Grants are reviewed individually.  Typically, agencies with budgets of $250,000 and above are eligible to apply. Depending on the organization’s budget size, grants generally range from $20,000 to $50,000.

Statewide agencies or those serving a region beyond Greater Hartford are eligible to apply for an amount that is proportional to the percentage of services provided in the Hartford Foundation’s region.

Interim and Final Reports 

When your project is at the mid-way point, please submit a letter requesting your interim payment along with a copy of your consultant’s invoice(s) and a completed Interim Project Report. When your project is complete, please submit a letter requesting final payment along with a copy of your consultant’s final invoice, written plan, and Final Project Report.

Download these reports:

Please select a report below to download as a Microsoft Word document. Save the document to your computer and follow the instructions on the first page for completing and submitting the report.

Please submit all questions, reports, and payment requests to


“I would definitely use the executive transition process in the future and encourage other organizations to do the same. The organization was in need of an external perspective to help address persistent issues. It would have been far more difficult without the transition consultant. Also, the board is made up of working professionals. The transition process was very time consuming. The outside assistance helped to keep the process moving along in a timely way.”

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