Good financial management is critical to quality service delivery and long-term sustainability. At the same time, we understand that managing your finances can be complicated and require a lot of resources. That’s why we want to help you identify where your organization’s systems and practices could be strengthened, and help you obtain the resources needed to make improvements.

Our financial management programs are forward-looking: We’re not here to judge and this is not an audit. We take every step to maintain your privacy and the confidentiality of your financial data.


Financial Management Assessment Program

This program pairs your organization with a skilled consultant to review your financial condition, current system and process, and generate a list of recommendations for improvement. After the assessment, you can also apply for an implementation grant. This program is available at any time.

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Financial Management Training Program

This program offers a series of workshops designed to increase your organization’s capacity. Participants will complete a self-assessment and financial profile, receive one-on-one coaching, and create an action plan for improvements. Upon completing the program, you can also apply for an implementation grant. This program runs for approximately four months and is offered periodically.

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Nonprofit Revolving Loan Fund

The Nonprofit Revolving Loan Fund is administered by HEDCO and offers low interest loans or lines of credit to nonprofits in Greater Hartford. Certain criteria apply.

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Other Consultations & Assessments

NSP will work with you to identify and initiate the best means to address your situation. We also offer free preliminary consultations to agencies with budgets of less than $100,000.

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