The Social Enterprise Accelerator (SEA) helps nonprofits strengthen their entrepreneurial capacity by launching or growing revenue generating ventures that are mission-aligned. With the guidance of No, Margin, No Mission, a national consulting firm that helps nonprofits become stronger and more thrivable through earned income, social enterprise, and entrepreneurial practices, nonprofits receive training and consultative support to identify, hone, develop and implement their ventures.

Phase I of SEA includes a series of four learning workshops, or “labinars” for nonprofit teams, coupled with individualized mini-consultations following each labinar.  Teams work together to explore earned income possibilities and determine which one(s) offer the greatest likelihood for success.

Phase II allows organization teams that are ready for a deeper dive to apply to participate in a 2 ½-year journey during which they have the opportunity to learn from one another as they build and implement their business plans and launch or grow their ventures.  Phase II includes a “Fast Pitch,” during which organizations pitch their venture ideas to potential donors in an effort to raise start-up or growth capital, as well as two “Knowledge Sharing Sessions” during which organizations come together to share key learning, insights, and observations from their business planning work, and take advantage of opportunities to leverage that learning between teams.

A total of 16 nonprofits have participated in the SEA thus far, and have collectively generated more than $8 million in revenue from their social enterprise projects. 

Participating organizations include:

Video: Social Enterprise Accelerator Program


  • No Margin No Mission is a social enterprise and national consulting practice that helps nonprofits diversify revenue and expand impact through entrepreneurship, innovation and business strategy.
  • reSET, Social Enterprise Trust is a Hartford-based nonprofit whose mission is to advance the social enterprise sector.