Clear plans help to meaningfully and measurably advance an organization’s mission. That’s why NSP offers Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs) to support numerous types of plans, as well as the development of executive directors/CEOs and boards.

If you’re unsure of where to begin or focus, our Organizational Assessments offer a chance to reflect, develop shared understanding amongst your leadership team, and prepare for more in-depth planning.

If you are a small nonprofit with a budget under $300,00o, please review the resources on our Small Nonprofits page.


Plan Development

“The planning process brought discipline and professionalization to the organization as we evolved from the first stage in the organizational life cycle to the next stage.”

A thoughtful and well-structured planning process can provide focus and direction, help you track and evaluate your progress, and build alignment among board and staff.

TAGs can be used to fund various types of organization-wide planning. With the assistance of a skilled consultant that you select, your leadership team will determine what you want to accomplish and how to get there. This program is available at any time.

Strategic Planning 

Your strategic plan will identify your organization’s key priorities and can help focus and prioritize limited resources. Creating measurable goals and an implementation plan can then help you track and evaluate your progress.

Fund Development Planning 

Your fund development plan should align with your strategic plan, include strategies for raising revenues from a variety of sources, and identify targets and goals to measure your success. It can also help you determine how to effectively deploy your dollars, staff, board and volunteer time to maximize the funds your raise.

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study 

TAG dollars may be used to help you assess the likelihood of success of a capital campaign, and the amount you can expect to raise from donors.

Marketing & Communications Planning 

Your marketing/communications plan can help you better understand your target audiences, and determine how to deploy your dollars as well as your staff, board and volunteer time to attract and retain these audiences. Your plan may include branding and communications strategy, including media relations and crisis communications.  Your plan should include goals, specific strategies and messaging that align with your strategic plan, and targets and goals to measure your success.


Improving Human Resources Systems 

TAGs may be used to help build or strengthen your human resources function and address key HR systems and processes. Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • A human resources audit, which allows you to better understand your current HR systems, processes, staffing and funding, and identify improvements
  • Revision or development of an employee policies and practices handbook, along with an implementation plan
  • Development or enhancement of an employee performance review system and process
  • Enhancement or revision of employee job descriptions
  • Creation or refinement of an employee salary and/or compensation plan
  • Training and or executive coaching for staff supervisors
  • Staff development, i.e., workshops on team building
Exploration of Alliances and Mergers 

TAG dollars may be used to hire a consultant to facilitate the board and staff through an analysis and exploration or implementation of an alliance or merger with another organization(s).

Building Evaluation Capacity 

Evaluation Capacity Grants of up to $15,000 are available to assist with developing or implementing a program or organizational evaluation project or plan, or integrating evaluative thinking into organizational practice.

Leadership Development

TAGs can be used to support the development of nonprofit executive directors/CEOs so that they can be more effective in leading their organizations and boards. Additionally, TAGs may be used to help improve the functioning and performance of boards.


Executive Coaching 

An executive coach of your choosing can help executive directors/CEOs to be optimally effective in their roles and enhance their abilities and adaptability.

Board Development 

A seasoned consultant of your choosing can help the board to become more effective, forge a strong and successful partnership with the CEO, and help individual members to better understand their roles.


Grant Eligibility and Award Ranges 

Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs) are reviewed individually. Statewide agencies or those serving a region beyond Greater Hartford are eligible to apply for an amount that is proportional to the percentage of services provided in the Hartford Foundation’s region.


Organization budget size:

May be eligible for grants:

Under $1 million

up to $12,000 + up to $3,500 for implementation

$1 - $3 million

up to $18,000 + up to $3,500 for implementation

$3 - $5 million

up to $20,000 + up to $3,500 for implementation

$5 million and above

up to $25,000 + up to $3,500 for implementation


TAG dollars may only be used to pay for a consultant’s time and may not be used to pay for services delivered prior to grant approval.

You must compare at least two consultants and submit at least two different proposals with your application.

TAG Project Reports 

These Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) reports are for agencies that have received TAGs and are in the process of submitting payment requests.

When your project is at the mid-way point, please submit a letter requesting your interim payment along with a copy of your consultant’s invoice(s) and a completed Interim Project Report. When your project is complete, please submit a letter requesting final payment along with a copy of your consultant’s final invoice, written plan, and Final Project Report.

If your TAG included implementation services, when this work has been completed, please submit your consultant's invoice along with a completed Final Implementation Report.

Download these reports:

Please select a report below to download as a Microsoft Word document. Save the document to your computer and follow the instructions on the first page for completing and submitting the report.

Please submit all questions, reports, and payment requests to


NSP offers a range of learning opportunities in key areas that the TAGs address, including nonprofit management, leadership, and board development. If you’re considering a TAG, you may also want to explore our multi-session training series, which often include follow-up consultation tailored to the needs of your organization. 

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