Good fundraising and marketing efforts motivate key audiences through meaningful and targeted information, stories, and opportunities. Fundraising and marketing plans should be aligned with your organization’s strategic plan and set a clear roadmap to raising the resources needed to support your mission.

NSP Resources

  • Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs) allow your organization to hire an experienced consultant to guide the board and staff through a fundraising or marketing planning process.
  • The Fundraising Training Program aims to provide a meaningful and scientifically-based foundation of fundraising knowledge to position you and your nonprofit for future fundraising success.  It consists of 3 components: 1) An 8-week online fundraising course, 2) 3 Group Convenings to help you share ideas and learning, and establish an informal peer network of fundraisers, and 3) 4 Individual Coaching from an experienced fundraising consultant to help you apply your learning. 

    The Fundraising Training Program is aimed at executive directors or fundraisers at relatively smaller nonprofits that don't have a professionally trained fundraiser on staff, and organizations that don't have the resources to invest in professional fundraising training for staff.

Other Resources