NSP’s multi-session training series provide more in-depth learning, and often include follow-up consultation tailored to the needs of your organization. Some programs are exclusively for executive directors/CEOs or senior leaders, while others require participation from agency teams so that learning is spread across the organization.

These programs are offered periodically. You must apply and be accepted in order to participate.

Executive Management Institute (EMI) 

This multi-session program exclusively for Executive Directors provides a comprehensive overview of nonprofit management and board issues relevant to the executive director’s leadership role. Participants learn from highly skilled and knowledgeable national presenters in a variety of fields, gain skills and knowledge to deal with leadership challenges, and develop a network of peers with whom to learn and share ideas.

Board Leadership Program 

By combining group workshops with individualized consultation, this program helps agencies strengthen their boards' effectiveness and performance. The program allows teams of executive directors and board members to better understand and negotiate their respective roles and responsibilities, strengthen the board's ability to provide adequate resources for the organization, and become more engaged in helping the organization to fulfill its mission.

Fundraising Training Program 

The Fundraising Training Program aims to provide a meaningful and scientifically-based foundation of fundraising knowledge to position you and your nonprofit for future fundraising success.  The program is designed to build your nonprofit's knowledge of fund development, and strengthen your board and staff fund development team. 

It consists of: 1) Four Group Convenings for staff and board teams to learn together about fund development concepts applicable for the successful implementation of a fund development program, and 2) Individual Coaching from an experienced fundraising consultant to help you apply your learning.

Building Evaluation Capacity Program (BEC) 

This 18-month program provides comprehensive training and coaching to increase both evaluation capacity and organization-wide use of evaluative thinking. The program includes a series of training sessions, and each participating organization will develop and implement a rigorous program evaluation design. 
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Building Human Resources Capacity Program 

By combining group workshops with individualized consultation, this program helps provide an understanding of and strategic framework for human resources best practices. Your organization will learn to build successful supervisory practices; design strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse, qualified employees and volunteers; and come to understand employment laws and regulations.

Financial Management Training Program  

Through a series of highly interactive workshops, nonprofit leadership teams learn to better understand, communicate and oversee their organization’s finances. Upon completing the program, you may apply for an implementation grant to support your action plan.
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Strategic Technology Program 

Attend our Technology Strategies for Nonprofit Leaders workshop and work with a technology consultant to develop a multi-year strategic technology plan. Upon completing the program, you may apply Strategic Technology Grant to implement projects identified in your plan.
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