July 17, 2017

The Hartford Foundation’s Nonprofit Support Program Announces Launch of New England Consultant Directory to Assist Nonprofits

Consultants play a large role in the work of nonprofits. That’s why the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving’s Nonprofit Support Program (NSP), along with a number of other local funders, worked to overhaul a directory that for years has been helping nonprofits to find the right consultants for their projects.

The New England Nonprofit Consultant Directory represents a complete upgrade and expansion of the existing consultant directory. In addition to a new design and improved search capabilities, the new directory provides access to consultants serving all of New England as well as New York.

The New England Nonprofit Consultant Directory exists to help nonprofits:

  • Discover consultants in a variety of relevant fields;
  • Learn about those consultants’ experience and skills;
  • Connect with consultants best matching their needs;
  • Access resources for hiring and managing consultants.

The directory is a tool to help connect nonprofits with consultants, and is not a vetted list.

“The old consultant directory was a tool that had served our nonprofit community well for more than a decade,” said NSP’s director, Annemarie Riemer. “This upgraded directory not only offers access to more consultants over a larger geographic region, it provides a far more user-friendly and comprehensive tool for nonprofits throughout the region. We hope that nonprofits and consultants serving the nonprofit community will continue to support and utilize this wonderful resource for many years to come.”

Beyond the expansion of the service area, the new directory includes a variety of changes and improvements including:

  • A new updated look;
  • A more user-friendly and responsive design (mobile-friendly);
  • A better search experience and a more accurate search capability;
  • Hundreds of consultants in a variety of fields of expertise;
  • A variety of resources to help nonprofits search and hire consultants, including sample RFPs and contracts.

Consultants who serve New England and New York are encouraged to visit NEconsultant.org and sign up for the directory, and nonprofits are invited to use the site as a resource the next time they are in need of a consultant.