NSP’s eighteen-month Building Evaluation Capacity (BEC) program provides comprehensive training and coaching to increase both evaluation capacity and organization-wide use of evaluative thinking. 

Each participating organization will:

  • enhance their knowledge about evaluation
  • develop an evaluation plan
  • conduct a selected evaluation project
  • use and communicate evaluation findings
  • apply evaluative thinking skills to multiple organizational tasks

BEC is offered periodically and based on demand. You must apply and be accepted in order to participate.

The program is adapted from the Bruner Foundation-sponsored Rochester Effectiveness Partnership and is delivered by Elena Ragusa, an independent evaluation consultant. 


What are leaders saying about BEC?

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations featured BEC as an example of best practice for nonprofit development.

Fifty-seven organizations have completed the program since its introduction. 



NSP offers the Building Evaluation Capacity Program to a maximum of 12 organizations selected through an application process. The 18-month program combines classroom learning, hands-on assignments, and project-based learning.  

The first six months of the program consist of:

  • An introductory assessment of the organization’s evaluative thinking skills and evaluation capacity
  • Six half-day workshop sessions
  • An individual consultation with the trainer
  • Peer presentations of evaluation plans developed through the program
  • Evaluation/assessment of the BEC program.

Over the following 12 months, the program focuses on the implementation of the selected evaluation project, ongoing individual consultation, periodic training sessions (up to 4), and final assessment of the organization’s evaluative thinking skills and evaluation capacity.



There is no charge to participate in this program. To qualify for consideration, your organization must:

  •  Be an established 501(c)(3) public charity with operating budget of at least $300,000
  •  Provide the majority of your services to the residents of the Greater Hartford area
  •  Assemble a team that includes a senior level manager with decision-making ability (preferably the executive director) and up to two additional staff with program and/or evaluation responsibilities who must attend each session in its entirety

Ready to talk next steps?

Contact Meher Shulman at mshulman@hfpg.org to discuss participating in our Building Evaluation Capacity program.