NSP’s Financial Management Assessment Program pairs your organization with a skilled consultant to review your financial condition, current systems and process, and generate a list of recommendations for improvement. This program is available at any time.

The assessment is not an audit. The consultant will work in partnership with you to make fitting recommendations for your organization. The areas reviewed by the consultant include:

  • Financial staffing
  • Training needs
  • Accounting software
  • Financial reporting
  • Policies and procedures
  • Internal controls
  • Budgeting process
  • And more.


Once the assessment has been completed, your organization may then apply for a Financial Management Grant to implement priority recommendations, such as:

  • Hiring finance staff or outsourcing the finance function. (Continuation funding may also be available after the first year to sustain any financial staffing hired.)
  • Engaging a consultant to assist with implementation of projects
  • Purchasing accounting software and related hardware
  • Providing training to staff or board on financial topics
Grant Eligibility and Award Ranges 

Financial Management Implementation Grants are reviewed individually. Agencies with operating budgets of $300,000 and up are eligible to participate.

Statewide agencies or those serving a region beyond Greater Hartford are eligible to apply for an amount that is proportional to the percentage of services provided in the Hartford Foundation’s region.


Organization budget size:

May be eligible for grants of:

$300,000 - $1 million

up to $25,000

$1 - $3 million

up to $40,000

More than $3 million

up to $50,000

Interim and Final Grant Reports 

These project reports are for organizations that have received an NSP Financial Management Implementation Grant and are preparing interim and final reports and payment requests.

Please download the report below as a Microsoft Word document. Save the document to your computer and follow the instructions on the first page for completing and submitting the report.

Please submit all questions, reports, and payment requests to GrantsAdministration@hfpg.org.


Ready to talk next steps?

Contact Amy Studwell to discuss participating in our Financial Management Assessment Program.