Technology is a mission-critical investment that can stretch your scarce resources farther and accelerate your organization’s impact. By thoughtfully integrating technology into your operations, communications, fundraising, and service delivery, you can fundamentally shift the way you deliver your mission and serve your community. 

The Hartford Foundation's Nonprofit Support Program is now offering technology support to organizations that: 


1. Complete a Technology Assessment Survey

To be considered for a Small Organization Technology Grant or other resources, you must complete a brief online survey assessing your current technology systems and capacity. 

Click here to complete the survey


2. Work with a consultant to identify solutions

Once the survey has been submitted, your organization will be matched with a consultant for up to 3 hours of consultation. The consultant will review your survey results, help you identify tech projects that are most critical for your organization, and estimate implementation costs.

To assist you with implementation, we have developed implentation plans for some of the most common technology projects:

Updating an Existing or Creating a New Website 

Project description

This project is to review your current website and how it is managed, and then explore how you want to improve its appearance, functionality, and content management. It could also address search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve the discoverability of your organization’s website. 

Download our project plan fact sheet to learn more

Donor Management System 

Project description

This project is to assess your current donor management system and/or processes and to evaluate, purchase, and deploy a new solution. Whether you're currently using a dedicated donor management system or using spreadsheets to keep track of donors, this project will allow you to get to the next level. 

Download our project plan fact sheet to learn more

Enhancing Staff Skills Through Training 

Project description

This project centers on providing staff members with the digital skills they need to succeed in your organization by identifying their training needs and providing training on the software tools they use most frequently.  

Download our project plan fact sheet to learn more

Office Hardware 

Project description

This project is to procure new office hardware, including desktops, monitors, laptops, tablets, printers, or copiers.

Download our project plan fact sheet to learn more

Cloud Computing via Microsoft 365 or Google for Nonprofits 

Project description

This project focuses on deploying a cloud solution for robust file-sharing, productivity, and collaboration internally and externally. 

Download our project plan fact sheet to learn more

Phone System 

Project description

This project is to assess your organization's needs for phone-based communication and how well your current phone system meets those needs. It will help you evaluate, purchase and install a new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system. 

Download our project plan fact sheet to learn more


Project description

This project is to assess the state of your cybersecurity and to ensure that your organization is taking appropriate precautions to safeguard the security of your organization's critical data.

Download our project plan fact sheet to learn more

Video Conferencing 

This project is to assess your current solution for video conferencing/remote meetings and then to evaluate, purchase, and install a new solution, including required software, hardware, and training.  

Download our project plan fact sheet to learn more

3. Improve your organization's technology with Hartford Foundation support


Organizations can register for a Foundation-sponsored membership with Catchafire, an online platform that matches skilled volunteers with nonprofits.

Need to stretch your dollars farther to accomplish your much needed technology projects? The Hartford Foundation has partnered with Catchafire to match skilled professionals who wish to donate their time, with nonprofits who often can’t afford to pay to hire expert talent. Using a user-friendly online platform, nonprofits post projects, and select skilled, professional volunteers.  Consider utilizing a Catchafire volunteer to help with select elements of your project implementation. More information about available Catchafire technology projects can be found here.

You can also learn more about how Catchafire works by watching this 2 minute video.

Small Organization Technology Grant

Some organizations may be eligible to apply for a Small Organization Technology Grant to implement one or two technology projects.

Please note that not all organizations will be eligible for grant funding. Grants are reviewed individually, and priority is given to organizations that most closely align with the Foundation’s strategic priorities.

Organizations with operating budgets under $300,000 are eligible to apply for up to $10,000. Most grants will not be awarded at the maximum.

Statewide organizations or those serving a region beyond Greater Hartford are eligible to apply for an amount that is proportional to the percentage of services provided in the Hartford Foundation’s region.

Download the budget template here for submission with the grant request. 

Contact Amy Studwell for more information on how to access and utilize these resources.