In addition to our Financial Management Assessment and Training Programs, NSP has access to other resources. We are happy to work with you to identify and initiate the best means to address your situation.


Small agencies, particularly those with budgets under $100,000, can contact NSP staff for a preliminary consultation to help with basic financial issues that can generally be resolved in less than one-half day.

This free service may address issues such as overall financial management, internal financial controls, annual budget processes, audit preparation and financial statements.

For more information, please contact Amy Studwell at 860-548-1888 ext. 1040 or


Conducted by the Nonprofit Finance Fund, the Nonprofit Business Analysis (NBA) is an in-depth analysis of an organization's financial health, strengths, and weaknesses over a multi-year period. It provides executives and board members with guidance on ways to balance financial management with mission-driven priorities, helping to connect financial decision-making with nonprofit success.

The NBA reveals key trends and indicators that comprehensively reflect year-over-year financial performance and financial health. The NBA is ideal for organizations considering or experiencing significant change, such as a capital project, change in leadership, financial or fundraising challenges and program expansion.

This assessment is available at no cost to eligible organizations.

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